For today’s biggest challenges and data center initiatives, organizations need a robust solution to meet their growing demands. Vertiv partners with our customers to understand and solve their data center imperatives and deliver the industry-leading DCIM solution to improve operations, increase efficiency and enable business for growth and transformation.
  • Data Center Requirements

  • Value of the Trellis™ Platform

  • IT organizations need to improve operational efficiencies while at the same time minimize the risk of outages and downtime.
    • Reduce inefficiencies in your infrastructure without disrupting your existing operations
    • Defer capital expenses and increase operating margin
    • Make your infrastructure resilient and flexible to support your planned transformational and growth initiatives
  • The business operations of the organization need to focus on improving the overall agility, accuracy, access and availability.
    • Improve the quality of your IT services and SLAs with holistic, end-to-end visibility across the infrastructure
    • Reduce your operational expenses without compromising on infrastructure availability or agility
    • Increase your infrastructure agility and flexibility without compromising on infrastructure availability
  • To better plan and manage, IT personnel need to have a clear understanding of the assets, space, power and capacity that reside in the data center and determine how to do more with less.
    • Improve your productivity and make you more effective in your job
    • Help scale your resources and manage remote resources more effectively
    • Ensure that you have the required visibility and control into your data center resources to perform your job efficiently

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