Secure Remote Management

Vertiv’s Infrastructure Management products offer comprehensive data center infrastructure resource management system that revolutionizes the manner in which organizations manage today’s increasingly complex and ever-changing data center environment. It is the only enterprise-wide solution with the capabilities and tools to deliver all aspects of intelligent data center management to assist organizations with the challenges they face.

Data centers must meet stringent SLAs, keep data and equipment protected at all times—and do it all at the lowest possible cost. With the innovative Avocent® solutions, you can achieve the level of availability the business demands and effectively secure your assets while substantially reducing costs.

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Centralized Infrastructure

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  • With Avocent® you can optimize Data Center Performance with Centralized Remote Management

    The most effective way to improve performance in the data center? Centralized remote management. With Avocent®, you can remotely monitor, access, manage, provision and diagnose devices in every location to increase availability, reduce MTTR and manage assets as efficiently as possible. Learn more here.

Reduce Downtime

Even if a faulty device no longer responds via the network, remote management provides fast, efficient problem resolution and eliminates the need to physically enter the data center or travel to the branch office.

Choose the solution that aligns with your data center needs

Digital KVM, serial console or service processor solutions are available to match your preferred management method and device types. Complement these hardware solutions with software that provides a “single pane of glass” for optimal remote management efficiency.

Maximize availability

Power threshold alerts let you proactively manage your data center and avoid power overload situations. Comprehensive reporting on actual power consumption lets you model the impact of changes and avoid exceeding capacity limits or over-provisioning.

Simplify and streamline asset management

Monitoring solutions provide centralized documentation, visualization of the data center floor and racks and an intuitive capacity planning tool. This detailed insight supports higher IT staff efficiency, higher IT availability and lower energy costs.

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