Safeguarding facilities from operational discontinuity in the event of an electrical supply interruption, Vertiv offers ASCO automatic transfer switches, non-automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear and other emergency power control products for on-site management of alternate power sources. Vertiv’s ASCO switchgear helps ensure availability of power for communications, data-processing and all other electronic equipment required for business continuity.

Load Banks

Ensuring proper operation of your backup power system is critical. Todays emergency standby diesel generator sets are designed to operate under a specific load level. Vertiv offers Avtron Brand Load Banks which provide the complete solution with the most advanced and reliable controls in the market to provide proper loading of the backup power system -

Permanent Load Banks


Designed for continuous operation in outdoor environments, Avtron permanent load banks are available in many configurations. Avtron permanent load banks feature controls designed to interface with switchgear and existing Building Management Systems.

Portable Load Banks


Avtron portable load banks are lightweight, compact, reliable, built to resist vibration encountered during transportation and save money because they are built to last.

Radiator and Duct Mounted Load Banks


The Avtron Radiator Mount load banks are designed for radiator or duct mounting on diesel engine generator sets. The load bank is permanently mounted to the front of the engine generator and sized to match the width and height of the radiator core or exhaust duct opening.

Reactive Load Banks


Avtron Reactive Load Bank Systems provide an economical and convenient means for high capacity resistive and reactive load testing of AC power systems.

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