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A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is an absolute energy-saving necessity when it comes to HVAC applications like fans and pumps. It is a type of motor controller that drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor.
ABB VFD’s can pay for themselves in as little as a few months, and can save thousands of dollars over their lifespans.
Other names for a VFD are variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive, AC drive, and inverter.


As the U.S. market leader and world’s largest manufacturer of VFD’s, ABB is superior in many ways:
– Extremely wide power range
– Built in EMI/RFI filters
– Patented 5% swinging choke – reducing up to 64% harmonics
– Built in timers
– N2, FLN, and Modbus embedded
– LonWorks and Profibus ready
– 14 preconfigured application macros
– Rated for continuous operation to 40 degrees Celcius with full current
– Interactive maintenance assistant
– Interactive diagnostic assistant
– Fault logger
– Flux optimization
– Two PID controllers as standard
The ACH550 is an adjustable frequency AC drive designed specifically for the HVAC market; this drive achieves the ultimate in flexible motor control performance. Built in as standard are all major building automation protocols, including BTL listed BACnet. Also included is an extensive library of pre-programmed HVAC application macros that, at the touch of a button, allow rapid configuration of inputs, outputs and parameters for specific HVAC applications. This maximizes convenience and minimizes start-up time.
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3 Most Common Configurations
1)   ACH550 Base Drive

The base drive package is simply the VFD itself – meaning inverter only, and not including disconnect switch or bypass.

The Base Drive has a range of 1 – 100 HP at 208/230V, and a range of 1 – 550 HP at 460/480V.

It is offered in a NEMA 1 or 12 enclosure.

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2)   ACH550 Drive with Disconnect

This package includes the base drive as well as an integral door interlocked input disconnect switch, or circuit breaker disconnect.

This allows you to disconnect from input power – for example if you wanted to safely work on the drive.

This package has a range of 1 – 100 HP at 208/230V, and a range of 1 – 550 HP at 460/480V.

It is offered in NEMA 1, 12, or 3R enclosures. 3R enclosures are constructed with sheet steel and a tough powder coat paint finish for corrosion resistance. A thermostatically controlled space heater and thermostatic control of the force ventilated cooling system are standard. The operator keypad is mounted on the enclosure and covered with a protective door.

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3)   ACH550 Drive with Disconnect & E-Clipse Bypass

This package includes the base drive with integral door interlocked input disconnect switch (or circuit breaker disconnect), as well as an automatic bypass system.

This not only allows you to disconnect from input power, but also will keep your motor running and save your application in the unlikely event that the drive itself fails.

This package has a range of 1 – 100 HP at 208/230V, and a range of 1 – 400 HP at 460/480V.

It is offered in NEMA 1, 12, or 3R enclosures.

Learn more here and here.

Redundant VFD Offerring

ACH550 Redundant Drive Package

ABB’s offering for redundant HVAC Drives is a pair of ABB ACH550 drives, integrated into a NEMA rated enclosure, with all the power and control features you need for critical applications. ACH550 Redundant Drives offer single point control connections, eliminating the need to duplicate control wiring to primary and secondary systems. All redundant drive configurations include an integral input disconnect; either circuit breaker or disconnect switch. ABB offers a wide selection of power and control options for ACH550 Redundant Drives including multiple motor protectors for use with fan arrays and cooling tower cells.

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